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            Blower Heat Reactivated air dryer






Blower Heat Reactivated air dryer






 1. Continuous air supply:Special design is made to ensure the compressed   
air is continuous when the tower is switching. Meanwhile, it can avoid  the air flow's momentary impact to the desiccan
2.  Special design of the tower:     There are small support balls at the bottom of the towers and the desiccant
is filled in by special way. And a stainless halftone is fixed at the top of the 
tower as a press. In this way, the tunnel effect can be avoided and the 
mutual friction of the desiccant can be prevented.
3. Exterior heater is adopted to avoid the disadvantages of inner heater. 
Its constant temperature controller ensures the steady temperature of the 
regenerated air to prevent from overheating the desiccant.
4. Special made desiccant: Adopts the high efficiency desiccant
5. Steady dew point and low pressure dew point
6. Low purge rate: There is no air loss during the period of blower heating 
 regeneration. The cold Blowing is about 50 minutes with a little air loss to 
 ensure the stabilization of the dew point.

External Heat Reactivated Dryers

External Heat Re-activated Dryers are designed with no loss of compressed air. Time cycle is 4+4 hours drying towers are filled with desiccant. For regeneration, a centrifugal air blower and an electrical heater is provided. Desiccant is heated upto 200oC by hot air for complete regeneration.

These bulky sized dryers consumes more power as compared to INTERNALLY HEAT REACTIVATED TYPE DRYER. In capacities less than 500 NM3/hr, these are uneconomical and not recommended. Since regeneration of the desiccant is by atmospheric air, these dryers offers dew point only upto (-) 40oC. As per cost these air dryers are 100% more costly as compared to internally heat reactivated type dryers.

When loss of compressed air during regeneration is not acceptable, then only one should use this type of dryer. It can aslo be used when dew point required is not critical. These are recommended for capacities more than 500 NM3/hr only. The operating pressure of these dryers is between 1 kg/cm2g to 50 kg/cm2g.

Capacities : 500 NM3/hr to 6000 NM3/hr

Pressure : from 1 kg/cm2g to 50 kg/cm2g

Dew Point : upto minus(-)40oC


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