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           HEPA Filter







  • Clean rooms for micro components
  • electronic manufacture & assembly
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Bichazard atmosphere
  • Laminar flow workstations
  • Bio safe Hoods
  • Hospital Operating Theatre
  • Intensive care Units
  • Automatic Research
  • Prefilter stage to ULPA systems

HEPA FILTERS are manufactured in cleam room to ensure onsistent and predictable quality of ai filtration.The filter media is specially made of high quality fine fibre,which is water repellent and high strength.These filters are manufactured in multiple fold media spaced by hemmed edges of aluminium seperators and packed in specially designedframes to provide rigidity and uniform air flow.

Each HEPA Filter passes through stringent testing and finds reliability in critical applications like nuclear application, semiconductor complexes, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, Biotechnology, electronic and Aerospace.

Efficiency and Pressure drop are certified on each identification label.

  • Non standard sizes can also be manufactured as
    per customer specifications
  • The filter can be assembled with / without flanges
  • Available in casing thickness from 1 to 1.5mm in variants
    of Mild steel,GI,Aluminium & stainless steel.
  • Powder coating in the standard surface finishing offered.
  • Aluminium seperators made from 0.04mm thich aluminium foil
    in the case of deep pleat models.
  • Epoxy & Silicon Seleants
  • Initial pressure drop of 18mm WC.
  • 1,5,10 & 20 microns available upon request.

    HEPA  Filters standard Sizes
    SIZES *
    600x600x295 915x605x145
    915x695x295 605x605x145
    305x305x295 605x305x145
    1220x605x145 305x305x145

    *Other sizes and specifications available upon request
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