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     Fully Automatic Filter Press

Filter Press





Filter Press

We manufacture Fully Automated Advanced Filter Press With Plate Shifting & Plate Shaker For Autocake Discharge Along With PLC Based Electrical Control Panel & Pneumatically Opereated Control Valves, Flow Sensor and Hydraulically Operated Bomb Door Drip Tray. In this Filter Press Initial filtration process takes place with the push of a button. Operator initiates filtration. Slurry is pumped into all chambers and cakes are formed as filtrate begins to flow. The end of filtration phase is automated by flow meter which is located on filtrate discharge pipe. The flow meter indicates the minimum flow rate of filtrate which is strictly related to the end of a cycle, the opening of filter press and the discharging phase A plate vibrating device during the discharge phase ensures 100 PCT release of the cake. A PLC controls the phases and cycle times for all the filter press functions including operation of the ancillary equipment.

Special Features:

  • Zero downtime

  • Saves 96 % of Labour Cost.

  • Achieve final solid consistency at outlet upto 75%.

  • Short cycle time : 8 to 30 minutes.

  • Less Capital Expenditure : Filter Press & Dryer can be planned smaller

  • Lower Pollution Control Cost.

  • Increased Product Yield

  • Improved Process Economy

  • Reduced Space Requirement.

  • Fully Automatic cycle.

  • Manual Mode option.

  • PLC based controls

  • Upto 1500 x 1500mm plate size

  • Vibration system for cake drop

  • Drip tray system


Excellent for ETP-Plants, Granites, Marble & Ceramic Industries, Gypsum, Bentoite, Crystalline Salts, Pigments, Dry precipitates, Sludges generated from Galvanizing Plants containing Chromium, Zinc, Aluminium, Copper, Nickel or Cadmium, ... and many more.

Range of capacities and filtration areas: Filtration areas range from 5 Sq.Mts to 100 Sq Mts and capacities from 0-1 to 125 tonnes of dry solids per hour.

Hydro Press Industries manufactures fully automated filter press by incorporating corner feed plates into its filter press design. Eliminating center-feed eyes and stay bosses removed restrictions to membrane movement and consistently produces more uniformly squeezed cake. A more uniform cake, in combination with newly developed filter fabrics, allows easy discharge of the cake from the plate.

In this Fully automated filter press simple cake removal system available with conventional fixed-volume, recessed-chamber plate filter presses, allows Hydro Press Industries to automate your filter press. Our automated filter press includes a programmable logic controller (PLC) and can be supplemented with a local control panel, CRT, or touch-screen panel.


For more Details Please send your request.

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