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Ultimate in Filtration & Purification Technology                               An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company



Desiccant Air Dryers

Compact Heatless air Dryer
Heatless Desiccant air Dryer

Internal Heat Compressed air Dryer

Blower Heat Reactivated air Dryer

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Refrigerated air Dryer
High Pressure Refrigerated air Dryer

Filters & Filter Cartridges

Compressed air Micro Filter
Coaleaser Filter
Dust Filter
Hydraulic Filter
Oil Filter
Water Filter
Steam Filter
BAG Filter
Panel Filter
Automobile Filter
Water Strainer
Air Treatment Accessories
Electronic Autodrain Valve
No loss energy save Drain Valve
Moisture Seperator
Air Cooled After Cooler
Water Cooled After Cooler
Air Receiver

Measuring & Control instruments

Temperature Controller
Moisture & Dew point  meters
Temperature & Pressure Transmitter
Temperature & Pressure Sensors

Replacement Filter Elements & Bags Filters

Air Filter Elements & Cartridges
Filter Bags



            No Loss Energy Save Drain Valve







  • End Connection       :  BSP/NPT
  • Power Supply           :  220V AC,24V
  • Gasket/O-Rings       :  Viton/neoprene
  • Working Pressure    :  Upto 18 Bar



Important features and advantages:

  • Compact dimensions,Excellent engineering details.
  • Service without pipe works.
  • All pipings at the central Body.
  • Installation without additional piping makes work quick and easy.
  • Alternative condensate entry on ground level at the rear.
  • Electronic Sensors without movable Parts.
  • Safe function without sticking or blocking means reliable draining without air loss.
  • Sloped Display provide easy reading from every position.
  • Air receiver, After Cooler, Moisture separator, Filters, Dryers etc.
  • Prevents moistures / oil carry over to pneumatic equipments.
  • Discharges Condensate with high velocity without clogging.
  • Lesser maintenance cost of pneumatically operated equipments.
  • Increased operation efficiency of pneumatically operated equipments.
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